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AlphaNumerique in English

AlphaNumerique free workshops are now available in English

To offer an activity to your patrons, all you have to do is: subscribe to the workshops on SimplyBook, advertise them in your calendar (using our communication toolkit), and manage the subscriptions.

Share links where individuals can subscribe directly on Eventbrite.

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Android and iPad Tablets — Making Better Use of the Tablet (level 1)

Tablets have a wide variety of settings and it can be difficult to get around easily. This workshop will allow participants to browse the tablet’s settings. They will learn how to find their way on the menu, find  information and control the most commonly used  settings.

Android and iPad Tablets — The Web and its resources (level 2)

Due to a display space reduced by the size of a tablet’s screen, Web display had to adapt by creating new option icons to optimize browsing. This workshop will allow participants to learn how to use tablet specific Web browser functions.

Android and iPad Tablets — Downloading and application management (level 3)

The digital tablet offers a wide range of utilities to either the general public or professionals. This workshop will allow users to understand and manage applications on a tablet.

Online security And Social NetWorks​

Online Security: Tips and tricks!

Online security is all over the digital experience. Discover ready to use tips and tricks to protect yourself better and to develop good reflexes as users.

Understanding algorithms and their impacts

Algorithms have an influence on what we see on social networks. This workshop will allow participants to understand how algorithms work and to identify their impacts on the content we see.

Recognizing and Protecting Oneself from Phishing

This workshop will help participants to identify phishing scams and better understand how to protect themselves.

Heading Towards a Responsible Use

Social networks are more and more an integral part of our lives. This workshop aims to explore each person’s responsibility when using social networks in a professional and personal context.

More to come! 

We will update this page with new workshops regularly, consult this list to see all our upcoming activities. 

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How to book an online workshop?

  1. Click on Sélectionner/Select on the workshop you wish to book.
  2. Select a date and a time.
  3. Login or create a SimplyBook.Me account. 
  4. Click on Réserver/Book to confirm your booking.

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Share Our Workshops

All you need to do is share the events to your patrons!

AlphaNumerique offers workshops where individuals can subscribe directly on Eventbrite.

With this program, we aim to reach individuals across Canada without the need for their local libraries or  community organizations to book a workshop.

    • Mode: The activity will be broadcast on the Zoom platform, provided by an AlphaNumerique employee.
    • Format: Webinar or Virtual Interactive class
    • Length: 45 minutes to an hour, including a Q&A session.

This type of workshop is perfect for small organizations with too few patrons or resources. However, we strongly encourage libraries and organizations to book a workshop.

Tools to share AlphaNumerique workshops:

  • Calendar (Links to workshops in English) 
  • You will find both English and French workshops on our Evenbrite page.

Use the Communication Kit in order to promote our activities in your library and organization.

About the project

AlphaNumerique aims to facilitate and encourage participation in the digital economy among the most affected groups by digital gaps.

The main objective is to give them the opportunity to acquire basic digital literacy skills to browse our digital society better.

  • The dematerialization of public services: many services are mainly offered on the Web, such as banking or financial transactions, booking an appointment, job-hunting or information retrieval, online shopping, etc.
  • Digital exclusion: This dematerialization of services, whether public or private, causes the exclusion of part of the population that does not have access to digital tools or does not have the confidence and the essential skills to use them.


AlphaNumerique’s Multiple Benefits

For citizens

Developing digital literacy skills and becoming conscious of its issues allows citizens to increase their chances of participating in and benefiting from the digital economy. More than half (54%)* of non-Internet users believe that specialized support in public places could promote their use of the Internet. In this context, activities designed by AlphaNumerique and promoted by its partners provide a concrete response to reduce the digital exclusion phenomenon, particularly among people who find themselves socially, economically or geographically excluded or disadvantaged.

For libraries and organizations*

Thanks to its wide range of training sessions, AlphaNumerique allows public libraries and organizations staff to acquire key skills and improve themselves to better support their audiences who use digital tools. Properly equipped, they will have more confidence in their abilities and can provide citizens with optimal guidance when it comes to using digital tools. These new skills also provide an opportunity for public libraries and organizations to innovate and position themselves as digital inclusion poles known among the community.

*Staff training is only offered in French.

AlphaNumerique allows citizens to:

  • Increase their skills and autonomy to perform various tasks;
  • Develop a digital culture that promotes the proper use of digital tools and good practices related to online browsing;
  • Access essential services and assert their rights;
  • Have a better knowledge of the risks present online, whether they are personal, financial and others;
  • Increase their professional integration by increasing their value in the labour market;
  • Build ties, show solidarity to other users, and avoid social exclusion.
AlphaNumerique is part of Canada’s digital strategic
plan and specifically part of the Digital literacy exchange program launched by Innovation, Science and Economic Development.


Developed by Bibliopresto in collaboration with Techno Culture Club, AlphaNumerique also benefits from close partnerships with the Association des bibliothèques publiques du Québec (Quebec Public Library Association), the Réseau BIBLIO du Québec and the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.

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