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iPad Tablet (resources)

Le Web et ses ressources: iPad et Android - littératie numérique

3 Workshops 

   1. Making better use of the tablet

Tablets have a wide variety of settings and it can be difficult to get around easily. This workshop will allow participants to browse the tablet’s settings.
They will learn how to find their way on the menu, find information and control the most commonly used settings.

Learning outcome :

  • Identifying the most commonly used settings
  • Browsing the settings
  • Understanding the drop-down menu’s structure
  • Using the search bar
  • Understanding how to use the control centre

Making better use of the tablet – Workshop summary (for learners)

   2. The Web and its resources

Due to a display space reduced by the size of a tablet’s screen, Web display had to adapt by creating new option icons to optimize browsing. This workshop will allow participants to learn how to use Google Chrome’s Web browser functions better, which are specific to the tablet.

Learning outcome :

  • Understanding Web browsers
  • Identifying and using the browser’s functions (Safari for the iPad)
  • Understanding the basic use of a search engine
  • Knowing how to manage tabs
  • Learning the architecture of a website on the tablet
  • Learning how to use playlists, bookmarks and history functions better

The Web and its resources – Workshop summary (for learners)

   3. Downloading and application management

The digital tablet offers a wide range of utilities to either the general public or professionals. They can be downloaded from an online store. This workshop will allow users to understand and manage applications on a tablet. They will learn to find and chose applications on the Apple Store (iPad), as well as tips and tricks for troubleshooting these applications.

Learning outcome :

    • Browsing on the Apple Store (iPad)
    • Understanding how to search an application
    • Knowing how to react to an advertisement in these applications
    • Managing purchases within these applications.

Downloading and application management – Workshop summary (for learners)